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        Welcome to Sawlinemachinery.com webpage, which sole purpose is to offer solutions for woodworking companies, who see the need to renew their production line partially or completely.

We have a long-term experience in providing secondhand and new machinery solutions to the woodworking and sawmilling industries with a diverse client portfolio.

We offer non-standard solutions for sawmills, planing mills, bandsawlines and cross-cut lines.

Reconditioned equipment presents economic alternative to the entirely new machinery, which requires heavy investment and professional skill to operate it. 

Even a mixture of new and second hand machinery often proves to be a good solution.

To be able to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in the best possible way, we have developed a wide net of sub-suppliers in Scandinavia and Europe.

Our services include:


         Delivery, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and

         Personnel training.

We speak Russian, English and Finnish languages.

We hope You will find on this web page a suitable solution or an idea that corresponds to Your needs.


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